Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Dinner ♥

We had an AMAZING dinner on Valentines Day!
As you can see here, Coconut shrimp with Pina Coloda dipping sauce.

It was SO delicious! I did the "butterflying" and breading, Erika did the frying of the shrimp & wings, Tyler did the wing sauce MmMm......

This was the dinner party. Minus E & T-the parents of all those children!

The wings. Hot or Teryaki?...

Best Valentine EVER ♥ (yes, it took us awhile to get a good one-& J looks like he needs a neck brace : )

Thanks for having us over!

Erika made this tasty pastry puff, chocolatey, whipped creamy, warm, mouth watering, treat!

AND these cute little jello cups-which we didn't have room for-.
We went to Roanoke on Saturday to pick up a gun cabinet(Happy V-day to J!).
All we wanted to do after all of the traveling was to eat at OUTBACK(our fav.)
Just GUESS the wait to be seated?
not 1 hour
not 2 hours
not 3 hours
3 1/2 HOURS!
Needless to say we Smokey Bones they were the only one with a wait UNDER 1.5 hrs!


Anonymous said...

We had such a great time with you guys on Saturday! What an adventure it was. I figure we can call the entire day a sucess: Good Food, Good Friends, Good Movie, Good Money Saving Deal, and Lots of Laughs!